Our Story

Mind and wellness is a lot more than mental health. It is positivity, attitude and acknowledgement that each of your senses contribute to wellness. Affirmations are a huge, important tool in our wellness.

You might be wondering why I created this brand? For about two years I suffered from depression and what made it worse than it already was, was the refusal to talk about it because people believed I had everything I could possibly need, and therefore, there was no reason to be depressed.
I had several weeks go by with me locked up in my dorm room and no zeal to get up, move and sometimes, even think. One of the things that kept me going were the affirmations and words of encouragement I came across.

With my designs, I hope to help anyone struggling with mental health with the little quotes and phrases. Even if you don’t buy anything, I hope coming to my website today puts a smile on your face. Remember “ we see you” and “the best is yet to come”.